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Atelier - Ätherwerk

Lars & Katja Patzek 

Atelier Ätherwerk-Berlin:

Production of unique, high quality costumes, film and theater - props, bags, corsets, vests, armor, small series, accessories and all kinds of other things.


Hand sewn, stippled and colored.


Theme / Style: steampunk, fantasy, medieval, vintage, or to customer specifications.


Idea, pattern - development, design, decoration and production. All from one hand.

Each piece is unique.
For our work we also use original finds from flea markets, auctions, home sales or build it myself. 

From antique brass fitting, over old book pages, old gears, Wilhelminian lock etc., we process, rebuild, modify and restore things with "history" and "age".

The leather is vegetable tanned bioleather from Bavaria / Germany!

Ätherwerk - Handmade Leatherworks

Costumes # Leatherdesign # Artwork

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Metalworks as:

  • Hard Soldering & Hallmarking

  • Grinding

  • Etching & Oxidize

  • Beating & welding

Individual mask making with plaster model and clay form construction.

Leather Tooling

Restoration, rebuilding & personalization of leather bags

Patination / aging of costumes and props for film, theater and TV

Exhibitor, Maker and Show Stand

Complete armor and costumes according to customer requirements

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